3 Disabled bathroom design ideas!
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When designing disabled bathrooms one must always take top priority of the accessibility needs of the individual into account. It is very important to know what the exact measurement of equipment, fixtures and the overall size of the bathroom which will be built by builders in Birmingham. Choosing to install only the important or the ones that are needed would be good for it should be a neat looking and simple bathroom.

The first design idea would be installing a curb less shower stall measuring 5 feet wide and 3 feet deep without a curb and a hand-help shower hose and 4 feet head off the floor with a chair or a shower seat measuring around 25 to 30 inches of the floor and it should be adjustable to meet the individuals right comfort level.

The second design idea would have an automatic toilet installed in a position in between two easy grip bars estimated 35 to 40 inches apart and a guiding grip bars all over the disabled bathrooms 40 inches off the floor. The toilet seat measuring 16 to 17 inches off the floor is the ideal and the most comfortable height of toilets for every person. With an easy to use remote controlled toilet opener for easy access that also have a simple censored control panel.

The third design idea would be a motion censored neat faucets that turns on with a single and simple hand wave easy enough for disabled persons to turn on and off on their own. It should also be able to adjust the water temperature in both shower and faucets alike to provide a better care with the user.

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